The Why

2 December 2022


Most of our post topics surround the technology of climate accounting. So, we want to take a moment to tell you our story. Why we made it our mission to help businesses of all sizes heal the climate. We all know that to heal the climate, we need climate action. Being able to achieve carbon-neutral goals for 2050 means reducing emissions today.

We ran into three problems stopping businesses from taking climate action.

A) Not having the technology or education to do so.  

B) Not being able to afford environmental consults to provide guidance.

C) Having no clue how to manage their carbon impact.  

How can organizations lower their emissions transparently if the information and technology are unavailable?

Carbon footprint reports are a great way to start. They do not hold a lot of information. Simply because of the lack of data surrounding Scope 3. Learn more about Scope 3 here. To sum up, it refers to all indirect emissions caused by a company. Such as carbon emissions produced by a company’s supply chain. These emissions can make up to 80% of the overall carbon footprint, yet they are hardly (if ever) included in reports. Therefore, leading to missing information and greenwashing claims.

Our Story

Our team at Standard Carbon wanted to build a tech solution to help improve not only carbon footprint reporting but all sides of greenhouse gas management. We believe there needs to be a better system for tracking, recording, and communicating a company’s environmental impact. A better system means real transparent climate action can take place. Therefore, resulting in faster and more accurate carbon reduction from our atmosphere.

Our mission was clear once the SEC announced a rule of making climate disclosures mandatory for all businesses. (Note these disclosures must include Scope 3) We have seen the push for accountable climate action and want to help companies achieve this by creating affordable, stress-free software.

That is when we came up with the idea of climate accounting. We wanted our software to use climate accounting, giving finance teams a way to record environmental data in the same way as financial data. While

capturing the information that often goes missing. Climate accounting allows businesses to view the dollar amount attached to their carbon from every side. Exposing risk to the carbon pricing and filling in all the missing information.

To achieve this we created software with an entire range of GHG management tools. Our software is accessible to everyone. Meaning it’s made for businesses of all sizes and accountants at all levels. There is no need for a particular environmental degree. Saving time and money if the budget can not afford environmental advisors. 

A few members of our team at our Winnipeg Office

So grateful to our team for their passion and dedication to creating SCOP3 and to everyone who requested a demo. To check out our software, please visit  


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