Chart your sustainability course with confidence. From goal setting to execution, our expert support empowers you to make a lasting impact. 

Embrace Sustainability with Expertise

In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses are increasingly embracing sustainability as a key driver of success. However navigating the complex landscape of environmental regulations, best practices, and technologies can be overwhelming, especially for companies without dedicated sustainability teams. This is where our comprehensive consulting services come into play. 

Sustainability Strategy

We help you define your sustainability aspirations and create a comprehensive roadmap to achieve them, taking into account your unique business context and industry requirements. 

Emission Reduction Strategies

We develop and implement targeted strategies to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global climate goals and relevant regulations such as the LCA, EPS, OBPS and CFR.

Life Cycle Assessment

We conduct comprehensive LCAs to evaluate the environmental impact of your products, processes, or services, ensuring that you make informed decisions that minimize your environmental footprints. 

Who should you trust?

ISO 14065:2020 STANDARD

Standard Carbon is one of six Verification Validation bodies accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under ISO 14065:2020 in Canada. This allows you to be assured that your efforts to help our planet are legitimate and trustworthy. 

The SCC Accreditation Symbol is an official symbol of the Standards Council of Canada, used under license.

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