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Climate Accounting Software Crafted by Climate Experts

Harnessing our expertise in environmental services and years of experience in GHG reporting, we have crafted SCOP3™, a software that eliminates the complexities of traditional environmental solutions.




Our spend-based methods tap into the accuracy of your financial data, enabling swift and reliable GHG report generation.


Turn sustainability into a competitive edge. Carbon footprints attached to your products attract eco-minded investors and unlock new market opportunities.



Equipping auditors with the necessary tools for compliance with regulatory standards, optimizing auditing workflows for efficiency.

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SCOP3™ streamlines emissions tracking and reporting, achieving significant time and cost savings while ensuring compliance with upcoming regulations. With the elimination of a consultant requirement, companies can save months of effort and considerable budget expenses.

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Accredited Environmental Solutions

We understand the importance of having transparent, accurate climate data. As one of the only accredited GHG verifiers in Canada, and one of the recognized leaders in this industry in all of North America, it is our mission to eliminate greenwashing and shape the new standard of sustainability.




Sustainability simplified. Gain clarity and control over your environmental impact with our high-quality GHG inventories and transparent carbon footprint calculations.



Build trust, and unlock opportunities. We lend independent eyes to your environmental data, validating claims and fostering stakeholder confidence.



Chart your sustainability course with confidence. From goal setting to execution, our expert support empowers you to make a lasting impact.

Carbon Accountability is Shifting.

Companies are under increasing pressure to demonstrate genuine accountability, with transparent environmental data becoming non-negotiable. 

“Climate Accounting needs the same rigor as financial accounting.”

Alex Stuart

President & CEO

Who can you trust to navigate this shift? Forget online calculators and unreliable estimates. Regulations demand robust, audited data for accurate carbon footprint reporting and compliance.

Finding a trustworthy partner is crucial.

Navigate the compliance landscape with absolute certainty. Standard Carbon Inc., Canada’s first SCC ISO 14065:2020 accredited GHG verifier.  We ensure your climate efforts meet the highest standards, unlocking global trust and a clear path to progress.

Let's Build a Better Future Together

Ready to take the first step toward accurate carbon footprint calculations?

Connect with us today for a personalized consultation and demonstration. Let's work together towards a sustainable and resilient future.

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