Accredited Validation & Verification Body

ISO 14065:2020 STANDARD

Standard Carbon Inc. is accredited under ISO 14065 by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), a member and signatory of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

The SCC Greenhouse Gas Accreditation allows Standard Carbon to complete validations and verifications of GHG statements related to GHG inventories, GHG projects, and carbon footprints of products in accordance with ISO 14064-3.

The SCC Accreditation Symbol is an official symbol of the Standards Council of Canada, used under license.

Organization Level Verification

1.1 — Service

1.2 — Aviation Road Transportation, Railways & Shipping

2 — General Manufacturing

3.1 — Power Generation

3.2 — Electric Power Transaction

4 — Mining and Mineral Production

5 — Metals Production

6 — Chemical Production

7 — Oil & Gas Extraction, Production & Refining Including Petrochemicals

8 — Waste Handling & Disposal

9 — Agriculture, Forestry, & Other Land Use (AFOLU)

Project Level Validation

A1 — Renewable Energy Production

GHG Emission Reductions from fuel combustion

A2 — Energy Efficiency Improvement

GHG Emission Reductions from fuel combustion

A3 — Transportation

GHG Emission Reductions from fuel combustion

B — Non-Combustion

GHG Emission Reductions from industrial processes (non-combustion, chemical reaction, chemical fugitive emissions, flare & venting from oil, and other)


GHG Emission Reductions and Removals from Agriculture, Forestry & Other Lands Use (AFOLU)

D — Carbon Capture and Storage

E — GHG Emissions from Livestock

F — Decomposition of Waste Material, Handling and Disposal

Commitment to Impartiality

Standard Carbon is committed to conducting its verification services in a transparent and impartial manner which is free from conflicts of interest. In order to achieve this, Standard Carbon conducts internal reviews as part of the pre-engagement process. This will prevent acceptance of any engagement that may create a threat to impartiality or a potential or actual conflict of interest. Standard Carbon encourages feedback from any client, stakeholder, party or members of the public on any matter or issue which may be construed as a threat to Standard Carbon’s impartiality in the provision of its services.

Complaints & Appeals

Standard Carbon strives to deliver exceptional services to all its stakeholders and yet understands that from time to time there may be complaints on or appeals of services rendered. Upon request, information regarding the process for the evaluation of complaints regarding a verification or an appeal of a verification opinion is available by contacting

Complaints and Appeals are managed by an independent internal process.

Please contact with any questions or comments.

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