Canadian Output Based Pricing System


Canadian greenhouse gas emissions are being targeted through the OBPS, and mandatory reporting occurs annually on June 1st. the OBPS accomplishes reductions in GHG emissions by limiting the quantity of emissions that particular industries are allowed to create. Regulated companies are referred to as “facilities,” and they often consist of things like factories and power plants.

Emissions Trading & Compliance

A GHG emitter can receive credits if its greenhouse gas emissions are below the cap that has been set for it. Other companies that are unable to lower their emissions as much can purchase these credits. Although they are paying for the privilege of doing so, the companies that purchase the credits are still able to emit greenhouse gases.

GHG Verification

Verification is visiting a facility and auditing its data to confirm the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The goal of GHG verification is to give assurance, or confidence, that the reported emissions are correct and reliable.


Who Should You Trust?


Standard Carbon is one of six Verification Validation bodies accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under ISO 14065:2020 in Canada. This allows you to be assured that your efforts to help our planet are legitimate and trustworthy. 


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