Katherine Rog Joins Standard Carbon Inc.

4 October 2021

New Hire

Standard Carbon Inc. is proud to announce Katherine Rog has joined the team as a GHG Reporting Analyst. 

Katherine is responsible for leading and supporting greenhouse gas technical analysis and verification/validation. Katherine holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Environmental Engineering with a lifetime of passion for sustainability and environmental justice. 

‘We are very excited to have Katherine join our team. Her technical experience and dedication to the environment will help add significant value to Standard Carbon,’ says Alex Stuart, President & Co-Founder.  

About Standard Carbon Inc. 

Standard Carbon is developing a platform, supported by blockchain and machine learning, to allow faster more accurate, and more trustworthy GHG assurance statements. Digitizing what is currently a manual, laborious, opaque process, will give the accounting profession better visibility into the science behind GHG assurance statements. Increasing the level of assurance in GHG assurance statements is critical as more funds are deployed to GHG reduction projects.


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