AICPA Engage 2022

15 June 2022



Standard Carbon had the amazing opportunity to attend the AICPA Engage 2022, a four-day conference in Las Vegas. As a part of the AICPA/CPA accelerator booth, Standard Carbon had the liberty of meeting companies and accountants who were interested in improving carbon emission reporting. Standard Carbon’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Moreira (MBA, CPA, CGA) gave an excellent presentation that provided a detailed look into Standard Carbon’s mission and its SaaS solution for Scope 3 reporting.  

“The most valuable part of Engage22 was speaking with the CPA professions thought leaders.” Says Peter. “There has been an urgent call to action for the CPAs to assist their clients with the incoming SEC climate disclosure rule.” 

Engage 22 has been a highlight in Standard Carbon’s journey. Providing the space for discussions on how to upgrade climate disclosures. The Standard Carbon team was thrilled to receive constructive feedback supporting its technology offering and the value to businesses and practitioners. Leading CPA firms are growing their ESG reporting, and assurance practices, and Standard Carbon’s Climate Accounting software purpose is built for CPAs to serve their clients.  

“The AICPA accelerator generally, and the Engage22 conference specifically, means getting in front of our target customers.” Says Standard Carbon’s President Alex Stuart. “Being able to interact with the smartest people in the profession and incorporate their feedback into our product offering is invaluable. CPAs are the Chief Value Officers within a firm and now they are tasked with counting carbon emissions which has never been easy. Standard Carbon is excited by the response we are getting to the early demonstrations we’re sharing with customers. We look forward to continue developing our climate atmospheric accounting software.”

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Standard Carbon would like to give thanks to the AICPA Accelerator program and Kacee Johnson for their support. If you would like to learn more please feel free to email to learn how your company can participate in Standard Carbon‘s pilot project. 


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