Standard Carbon Receives $100k Innovation Growth Fund to Propel Climate Accounting Software, SCOP3™

16 January 2024


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Standard Carbon Inc., a Winnipeg-based company specializing in innovative climate accounting solutions, has been selected as one of the recipients of the Manitoba government’s Innovation Growth Fund. Economic Development, Investment, Trade, and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses announced that five Manitoba Technology companies will receive close to $370,000 in total funding through the latest intake of the Innovation Growth Program (IGP).

The IGP, administered by the Manitoba government, aims to support the growth and commercialization efforts of local companies by providing cost-shared grants. Standard Carbon is among the five locally based companies benefiting from this initiative, which seeks to alleviate the financial burden associated with bringing innovative products and processes to market, especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

“Once a business has developed an innovative product or process, they need to clear the hurdle of commercializing it, which can be cost-prohibitive and risky, particularly for small- and medium-sized companies. This program cost-shares some of that risk so businesses can grow, which in turn generates jobs and revenue for the province, making it a win-win for Manitobans.”

According to Minister Jamie Moses

Standard Carbon Inc. is set to receive $100,000 from the Innovation Growth Fund to advance the commercialization of their groundbreaking climate accounting software, SCOP3. The software is designed to automate the creation of carbon footprints, track carbon input and output, and aid in environmental impact mitigation strategic planning for companies of all sizes.

SCOP3 is positioned to revolutionize the way businesses manage their carbon emissions, providing an efficient and comprehensive solution for sustainability reporting. The financial support from the Innovation Growth Program will enable Standard Carbon to accelerate the development, marketing, and deployment of SCOP3, fostering both business growth and environmental sustainability.

“We are honored and grateful to be selected as a recipient of the Innovation Growth Fund,” said Christa

“This funding will play a crucial role in bringing SCOP3 to the forefront of climate accounting solutions, helping businesses make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Christa Walkden, CFO at Standard Carbon Inc.

Standard Carbon Inc. is committed to leveraging this support to not only enhance their market presence but also contribute significantly to the economic and environmental well-being of Manitoba. The company extends its appreciation to the Manitoba government for recognizing the potential impact of SCOP3 and for their commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the region.

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About Standard Carbon Inc.

Standard Carbon aims to make carbon accounting as simple and reliable as possible. With the launch of its SCOP3 climate accounting software application in 2023, its quickly becoming one of the leaders in the industry, allowing finance professionals to easily bring their entire supply chain into one seamless, easy-to-use carbon reporting and disclosure system.


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