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 Standard Carbon is THE first company in Canada accredited to the ISO 14065:2020 standard. We believe that helping you understand your carbon footprint is the first step in helping you achieve your environmental goals.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint not only protects you against future financial risks associated with energy consumption and Green House Gas constraints, but it also protects our environment. Become a business that provides transparency to its customers, having a true and fair account of your business’s environmental impact.


Carbon Footprint


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Validation & Verification Body

ISO 14065:2020 STANDARD

The SCC Accreditation Symbol is an official symbol of the Standards Council of Canada, used under licence.

Frequently Asked


Standard Carbon is here to help you understand the process better. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions below will help with most queries. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to Contact Us.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is generated when you or your business perform an action that creates green house gas emissions. For example burning gasoline when we drive, or use company vehicles, heating our buildings or using coal powered electricity. The main goal of a Carbon footprint report is to identify the major sources of your company’s emissions so then the appropriate actions can be taken. Unlike other Carbon Footprint calculators Standard Carbon reports include the entire company’s supply chain emissions.

What is a GHG inventory ?

A GHG inventory or Greenhouse Gas inventory is just a more detailed way of describing a carbon footprint report. So after your business’s carbon footprint is calculated it is provided in a GHG inventory report that is sent to you. This information can help create strategies to reduce your GHG emissions, they’re also an authorized way to achieve recognition for tackling climate change.

What are the advantages of knowing my carbon footprint?

Simply put it’s beneficial for the environment and for your business. With coal power, energy costs rising, and the horrible environmental effects of burning natural gases combined the amount of C02 in our atmosphere, knowing your carbon footprint provides you and your company with the information you need to create informed decisions on how you can help save our planet, and save money. We also know that consumers are becoming more and more concerned about their own environmental impact, and they react more positively with a business that is taking the necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Standard Carbon GHG inventory reports are the most authorized reports in Canada, so you and your customers can trust that you’re taking the right steps in reducing your carbon footprint.

Does the size of my business matter?

Not at all! At standard carbon we believe that all businesses should have the opportunity to help our environment. Wether you’re a ten person company in Winnipeg, or a ten thousand person company in Vancouver we all have a carbon footprint. We will work with any size business that wants to tackle climate change.